Einstein and Eddington

A critical analyis of the TV Movie – Einstein and Eddington (2008)

For over thousands of years, science has been the most important fundamental foundation of knowledge. Tracing  its root back  from the time of Aristotle down to Plato and that of Socrates, from the very beginning of science through natural philosophy and philosophic investigation of natural phenomena, would lead us in the modern world of science and innovations.

Einstein and Eddington (2008)
PHOTO: imdb.com

Science as a systematized body of knowledge has been widely useful for countless centuries up until today. The different theories presented by exceptional geniuses in our history ever recorded by man, helped a lot in understanding these natural phenomena and eventually gave birth to the scientific revolution.  On the contrary, it also became the reason of unexpected outcome and consequences brought by these innovations, death of the hundreds and retreats that resulted from the never ending history of warfare.   Take for example, the chemical weapons used by Germany against England during World War I which came after scientific revolution and innovations of German scientists. It was like making the benefits of science for the sake of oneself and the degradation of the other.  But it was also that time when science itself was experiencing crisis with the theories that were proposed in the past and were then being questioned and later on, be debunked. There comes Albert Einstein and Arthur Eddington. Continue reading “Einstein and Eddington”