Is It Really Worth the Price?

A reflection about Kurt Wimmer’s Equilibrium Movie (2002)

EMOTIONS are essential to life, it adds color to your world and makes up the reasons of one’s existence. Who can live up to a world without emotions or situations being contained in stimuli-free society? I bet, no one can nor will even try.

Equilibrium (2002)

Equilibrium – The Movie tells a lot of representations and scenarios wherein emotions are necessary to live and survive. Although, at some point I didn’t like the way how the story goes. For instance, given the fact that it is a fictional science film,  too much exaggerations have been made or portrayed by the leading character Cleric John Preston, played by Christian Bale on the introductory part, with regards to his actions in one of the fight scenes. Try to think how can someone kill a dozen of enemies (the sense offenders) in a room full of darkness, visionless and only muzzle flashes can be seen. These are more acceptable when Cleric makes his way to Vice-Counsel DuPont’s (Angus Macfadyen) office to assassinate him, because Cleric is indeed the greatest or perhaps one of the “gun kata”  great martial artists. Continue reading “Is It Really Worth the Price?”