In the Pursuit of Happiness

You’re all alone in a room looking by the window as the rain drops through the glass you lean yourself on— thinking what it means to be happy.

Well, a lot of people would say they are happy without having to define it nor even the need to find someone just to feel what ‘they feel like’ it is to be happy. Funny how they often confuse the word with money, luxurious things, and even love. The latter being the most irrational of all.

For some, what’s important is that they feel it and that they can find many ways to chase what may bring them their desires, passions, and life’s longings. But judging though experience, none of these things would give you a single minute slice of happiness. There’s only one thing you’re sure of, dancing through the rain are the gabi plants and carabao grasses rejoicing in every drop of water pouring the ground outside your glass window. How lucky they are, how lonely you must be.

All of a sudden, you heard the cracking sound of the old wooden door polished with brown varnish that conceals the emptiness you have inside. Then your little fella topsy-turvy and careless about how you feel at that moment, came into your room asking for a balloon. You shouted at him for the lone reason that no matter what you do there’s no way you can find a balloon in a rainy season. As innocent as this young boy can teach a man the ultimate meaning of happiness but ironic how you back yourself off, closed the door and left this little creature crying as hell. Indeed, the child is father to the man but man ceases to relinquish his authoritative nature.

There is such thing as “tears of joy” but how is it that when we achieved and reached our highest goal and potential and we experience these tears, after a day or two you will come to a point where you’re asking yourself again what’s next? to the extent that you have become lonely and want some more. Achievements never define happiness nor the experience of becoming alone and peaceful. As long as man has not put an end to his endless desires and self-seeking nature there will be no such thing as contentment and a lifelong craving for happiness.

I myself do not know what happiness means but I am certain that I have felt it at some certain point in my life. One man said that it is only real when shared or it can also be that it was never real.

In the pursuit of happiness, people get exhausted, weak, and alone until they made it to the point the only thing they’re left with was loneliness.


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