Industrialization: Bridge to Success, A Challenge to Face

I was then a child before when industrialization began
I have witnessed it for so long, so fast that we can’t even command
There have been lots of changes, several things were made, explored and planned
I think to myself now what an innovative modern world we have.

I have seen to think what happened in the world where we live today
Humans have benefited from all its advantages, we might say
But everything that came about, somewhat may bother us someday
Just like what’s going on right now, I can’t believe and take all the way.

There are tools and machinery being used for production of goods
And other man’s basic needs such as our clothing, medicines and food
We have electric gadgets and appliances, tested and proved
Safe and more convenient to use, then I can say life is really good.

By just merely looking around, you would realize what I’m saying
Industrialization helps improve yesterday’s manual living
Through these innovations, we find ourselves developed and upgrading
The world has moved, traveled and gone so far from the very beginning

Aside from these things, let us then understand, recon and think daresay
Let us look around deeply and see what were taking place today
Mother Earth is calling for your action, help and attention to pay
The environment has been destroyed, polluted, do we even care?

Smoky Mountain, rivers and seas full of dirt and plastic garbage
These were some of the things we and industrialization have made
Together with green house gasses emitted by motor vehicles
Letting us to trap in the global warming that seems a promenade

How lonely to realize, industrialization provoked us
And the generation to come to see the Nature’s bright
Then, I have made myself decide that all these changes aren’t right
We have benefited so much but Mother Nature says it’s enough.

Two, three or more changes have happened so far, so fast, so clear but dim
Industrialization is the main reason behind all these things
Humans are not disciplined enough irresponsible and grim
If we will not discipline ourselves, take actions for future, who will?


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