Piggy Bank

There’s a piggy bank, a bountiful bank
Full of heavy coins and hundreds of franc
It came from people from faraway lands
It came from the pocket of every man.

This kept shoat bank was the product of work
Made by hard workers for them to have pork
It was saved and spent but used thriftily
For the times of hunger and poverty.

One day, one night when everybody’s sleeping
A troop of crocodiles went for thieving
They stole all the money from the piggy bank
Little pity workers, your life had sunk.

Now that the bank was gone, how about them?
What will be their life, the future in then?
All of them care, all of them ask,
“Where’s the money, where is the piggy bank?”

Inspired by the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) Scam in the Philippines and the long history of economic crisis, poverty and corruption in the country.


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