Ms. Caroline

I have a friend whose name is Caroline
She is a good person, thoughtful and kind
She offers her help to people who need
No doubt she is rich, she gives without greed.

Ms. Caroline makes charitable work
Helping charities for both young and old
She opens her heart for less fortunate
Doing outreach missions from place to place.

Two months before Christmas, a storm passed by
Houses were destroyed, lives were defied
Thinking of the victims, Ms. Caroline
Went to them with food and water supply.

And now it is Christmas, she’s roaming around
Giving gifts to children by showing love
I remember my friend to get a line:
People singing voices in Christmas time.

Inspired by the victims of the strongest typhoon ever recorded – Super Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda that wiped out the Visayan Region in the Philippines [specifically Tacloban City, Leyte] leaving more than 6,000 casualties and 1.5 million families affected.


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